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Industrial Globalization

As in any other Country in the world there are in our Country many backward areas requiring development in Infrastructure activity in which under able the Indian public sector has played a key role and many such areas now find a place in the industrial map of the country. The public sector was essential and is still largely relevant . Today they are contribution any  where  between 60 to 100 percent of our production in infrastructure including power , coal and petroleum. They contribute 80 to 100 percent in non- ferrous metals. It is however true that the enterprises are not making sufficient profits. The most glaring example is provided by the SEBs where annual losses on revenue account exceed Rs.50000 million and operational indices of efficiency are woefully low. Today in many parts of the country infrastructure services have emerged as the single most severe bottleneck to the development of Agriculture, Industry and exports  . In fact some of the public sector enterprises are not even financially viable .Instead of attaining the commanding heights vision  by the idealists they have sunk low due to many reasons. Low capacity utilization , incompetent  management  by  mainly civil servants as trade union activity gagging production and lack of autonomy all of which led to inefficiency in the managers of the operations and to poor Accountability A wholly cynical view of the private sector had to sweat to earn their bread these people ( in the public sector )only needed to sit to earn their bread.