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Skill Matter a Lot

Income is the most important factor for everyone. But more important things is that how capable we are, to get the salary more from the place where we working. First we understand the word of Income. Find, now divides this world into two. In + Come = Income. Means sources to earn money. Which, we invest in home. And the world of salary is the money which is earn by particular person for his or her skills and experiences. Sometimes this is noted that people make high focus on the salary in companion to skills. Have you seen the movie of “THREE IDIOT” What movie actually message. The message was be skillful and capable in your fields. No one will caught you or stop you anywhere. You do not need to wants jobs or any things to other In fact other will come and wants you. Because of skill or capability to do the work in perfect manner in companion to other one. Intelligent or smart person never argument, never show to own self expert .They just learn to other, Understand to other, Grow own skills , never speak more, these are some sign to elaborate to Intelligent kind of person. The essence of above thing is that No matter what your salary is , No matter what your designation is . No matter what other office fellows thinks, The thing is that what you Learnt ,how much skill you enhance .These are the thing which is always matter a lot. Once, you capable or skill full in your field of work. You will in the demand. People pay your skill, They pay your worth. And that time you will on the top. And the people who spoken you lot bad words will never be affect you. At last On winding note can say that No matter what your salary is .Salary is high or low .should be accepted whatever the skill you should have been applied to it.