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Stop Re-remember last mishaps memories

Re-remember your last bad or mishaps memories always Makes you feel troubles. You feel upset when you re-remember old mishaps. All of sudden, you start weep and lost your control from the mind of your. Because of this re-remember habits make your work suffer. One thing more mishaps re-remembrance can`t start the next chapter of life. Just remember one thing that, life is all about struggle and challenges .Every year, every month, every day, every time, every minutes, every second life gives you new challenges. Now choice is your .Do you want to accept the challenge or drop the challenge. Remember one thing that challenges make you tough to easy good going person`s life. You know no one is yours .People do not like you. They like your work, like your success, Like your caliber, like your high status. And all these things comes only from work harder. Have you ever seen that ,a young working boy to wish to poor an old man hello. hardly be possible. But you surly seen that same young working boy to wish to rich an old man hello, and many more respectable words boy will say to richer. This is make you feels different that how mind set of peoples established in this world. But this is true reality to realize people that why they should work harder and work on and on. This is hard to accepts by many more peoples. You know what they will say? They say no not exactly. Because they does not have enough skills to face the challenge . So they easily found the lame excuses. That is why, they does not wants to accept this. Every success and fame comes from hard work and sincerity regarding the work. But this can be possible only on when ,person stable from mind. That means stop Re- remembrance b last bad or mishaps memories. At winding up this topic I should say please stop remember your last bad or mishaps memories  and reach on the top.