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(A Sister Concern of BINOCULARS)

Encouragement established in 2014 by a group of eminent academicians and Practicing professionals of different paradigm. Encouragement serves to the society with a variety of services specially for  students, parents, Teaching fraternity and edupreneur and the employers in different ways with objectives of  welfare and economic empowerment of society at large and minimize negative thoughts prevailing in the society with the use of rational traditional  and modern evaluation tools utilized by experienced and eminent academician and seasoned professionals. Encouragement is using platform of it’s  sister concern of BINOCULARS.



Every one has his/her own dream and desire in this world.  Dynamics of life changes time to time.  If you are a student you may be facing many options or alternatives, decisions in every moment of your life. You may be deciding  which school is better for you, what courses you should  to choose for the future which may ensure early, easy and good earning  career. Step one you are willing to get  qualifying  10th examination with highest grade and get entry in eleventh, here again you are facing a number of decisions for qualifying 12th or  maybe thinking of leaving school early to start small business under guidance of family member or to join an apprenticeship, diploma… find school difficult and don’t know why, have just following graduation and wondering where to go from here, or have started university and feel like you want to change courses, in either case the starting point is to know  about yourself and where you  are good at.

If you are a school student, you may look towards your grades, percentage since it decide your sincerity, activeness or overall performance, classes you were interested in, what your parents tell you or your graduating result. A career counsellor may then tell you what you can do based on these results. Unfortunately school only measures a few of our abilities, and often we are led into the different path based on our school results or leave the schooling process feeling very undervalued, because maybe we did not fit the traditional school mould.

One may be a better approach is to tell the career counsellor what you are good at and want to do, and let them help you find opportunities within the system using different methods of ability testing and getting it confirm from our traditional science “Astrology” after getting score of “ Aptitude testing” and “Psychometric testing” .

Each of us is born with the some born talents to be remarkable at something; the secret is to identify those talents or natural abilities through reliable abilities assessment and confirmation; and then learn how to use them.

The Natural Abilities Specialist program is designed specifically for that purpose.

This program will:

  • Define your Fundamental Abilities
  • Promote Self Understanding
  • Build Self Confidence and Self Worth
  • Guide Educational Choices
  • Guide and Optimize Career Options
  • Assist you to talk to Admissions Officers and Employers
  • Lead to Success and Self Fulfilment

To Measure Ability

Environmental Analysis is most important it includes Family Background, Geographical Locations, Social structure, Political environment, Economic environment since all these have positive correlation on Individuals personality.


We use the most respected and well research natural ability testing tool available, which covers personality type, preferred environment, driving abilities, learning channels, musical abilities, and vocabulary. The results of each of the 19 factors that are tested are analysed and then put into a very personalized report which considers how each of these abilities, personal style and learning channels work together in your life. The report shows how your unique ability pattern affects how you think, act, solve problems, where you get energy from as well as what drains you, what comes naturally to you and what you will find difficult, how you process information for learning, what will likely cause stress, and a multitude of other things which are important in making future decisions in this critical stage of your life. Click here to view a sample Student Report

As powerful and incisive as this report is, the most valuable part of the process is the two hour feedback session with your Natural Abilities Specialist counsellor. Your counsellor will bring all of the information together and relate it to what is going on in your life right now, as well as show you how to use the information in almost all aspects of your life. You are welcome to ask your counsellor questions, get clarification on things you don’t understand, and share your fears and dreams.

The results of this process are you will have a much better understanding of who you are and what makes you tick, your strengths and weaknesses, the most suitable learning and work environments for you, what work tasks come easily to you, and a range of career and study options which match your unique ability profile. You will have a very powerful tool to help you make those important decisions you are facing at this stage of your life.

We are so confident in this process that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, to ensure there is no risk.

How well do you really know yourself?

  • Do you learn better by reading or by listening to lectures or following google gurus?
  • Do you prefer to study alone or in study groups?
  • Are you compulsive about organizing your homework?
  • Are you interested about learning or doing extra of  your homework?
  • Do you think aloud or do you keep your thoughts to yourself?
  • Are you uncomfortable in a large class?
  • How does your periodical or annual  or surprise test score relate to your Fundamental abilities?
  • Does school come easy   and love to be thereor do you find it a  boring or struggle?

The answers to these questions may be the keys to your ideal study program and to your choice of majors, university, curriculum and career.

  • What do you do easily and well?
  • What is your best university choice, large or small, or does it even matter?
  • What university major or university curriculum is right for you?
  • What are your best career choices?
  • What university major or study program is best for you?
  • Do you need additional university counselling?

Did You Know?

  • Rs. 75,000 P.A. is the average amount being paid for a School education today.
  • Rs. 100,000 P.A is the average amount being paid for a Professional education today
  • Over 80% of today's university students will change their choice of major.
  • 80% of university seniors surveyed wished they had chosen a different field.
  • Students are graduating from university without a clear vision of who they are or what they want to do or achieve.
  • Most vulnerable is 90% students are not interested to attend lectures more than 3hours a day
  • 75% students in university system bunk classes for preparing of competitive Exam and attend coaching center
  • 75% students do not like to be in the college from 9 to 5 and six days

Research has shown that young people who have a positive vision for themselves in an attainable future:

  • Complete School on time with excellent grade at least “A”
  • Choice of Professional or General Course
  • Complete College  on time with high first class at least 70%
  • Choice of Professional or General Course
  • Complete university on time more often First Class
  • Get better grades is one of the important choice.
  • Feel happier, more satisfied, and more enthusiastic about school, college and university.
  • Tend to get better jobs that are more related to the academic work they did in university.
  • Earn up to three times the work-related income over time. Factors to Consider in a Career Change

If these symptoms, signs or causes become severe enough, you have probably reached a Turning Point in your life and may need to consider a career change.

A career change should not be made lightly, impulsively or without careful consideration of eight separate factors which have been identified by our research as vital to your choice of careers:

  • Your hard-wired or natural abilities
  • Your skills
  • Your personal style (how you relate to others)
  • Your interests
  • Your values
  • Your goals
  • Your family background
  • Where You are in your Career Development cycle

Natural Abilities Specialist has perfected a process which will help you integrate all these factors into one strong and positive Personal Vision. Beginning with the Professional Ability Tools and ending in a two-hour live consultation with a counsellor, we can help you through a career change or adjustment that will bring fulfillment and satisfaction.

Upon completion of the Fundamental Abilities Specialist process you will:

  • Apply your knowledge of abilities to your career
  • Improve your communication skills
  • Increase personal & team productivity
  • Learn to adjust to differences in work environments
  • Be more effective managing projects, objectives & time lines
  • Enhance your performance and gain more success
  • Create a personal vision to greater fulfillment in work and leisure

We are so confident in this process that we offer a 100% satisfaction , to ensure there is no risk.