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Binoculars Corporate PR

Binoculars Corporate PR partners with its clients to protect and enhance their corporate and consumer brands through inspirational public relations programmes. The depth and breadth of our experienced team allow us to draw on the right level of insight for our clients: from high-level strategic counsel to the best in media relations, digital communications and creative execution.

Every PR campaign that we develop is fully aligned with our clients’ business objectives. We don’t believe in media coverage for the sake of it, but instead look to communicate our clients’ commercial messages via the most appropriate channels for their brand. Creativity is key to our success – whether we’re launching a new consumer product, or finding a new approach to addressing an established industry issue.

We aim to develop communications plans that combine excellence in project management, original creative insight and extensive sector knowledge. Fundamental to this is the talent we retain within the teams we present to our clients. Only the most motivated people can achieve the best results.

To us the only results that count are the ones we can measure and at the outset of any campaign we seek to define success and subsequently deliver it. We believe in payment by results and build performance-based remuneration into many of our assignments.